Marriage Preparation

13 marzo, 2019

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Lesson 01 – The Sacrament of Marriage

1.- Video 5. What does the Sacrament add? ————————Vimeo

2.- Video 7. The wedding, more them a party?    ——————Vimeo

3.- Video 3. Marrying?  what for ?   ———————— Vimeo

4.- Saying I do what happen in a catholic wedding.  ————— CLICK HERE

5.- What happens at a Catholic Wedding — CLICK HERE

6.- Chosen: Lesson 16. What is Marriage? –– CLICK HERE

7.- The Sacrament of Matrimony (USCCB) – CLICK HERE

8.- Sacraments 101: Matrimony — CLICK HERE 

9.- First Pillar of Marriage —        CLICK HERE


Lesson 2 — Married Love

1. Do you know you partner?  ———————— Vimeo

11. Is there happiness with values?   ———————— Vimeo

4. Can love fade away?   ———————— Vimeo

Bishop Barron on The Sacrament of Marriage. CLICK HERE  

Made For Each Other — CLICK HERE

Made For Life. — CLICK HERE

Bishop Barron on Marriage and relationships —- CLICK HERE

Lesson 3 — Communication in Marriage

9. How well do we yet along?   ———————— Vimeo

10. What dangers hover around?  ————————Vimeo

Bishop Barron on Marriage Relationship – CLICK HERE

Three to get Married — CLICK HERE

Mastering Love and Relationship.  CLICK HERE

Marriage: Communication and complementation.  CLICK HERE

Lesson 4 — Sexuality in Marriage

Theology of the Body – Fr. Chuck Kelly. — CLICK HERE

2. Romance, without sex? ————————Vimeo

6. How the spouses love?   ————————Vimeo 

8. How many children?    ————————Vimeo

12. How should we educate our children.  ——— —————Vimeo

Bishop Barron on sexuality. sacrifice, and love. CLICK HERE

Bishop Barron on sex, love and God. CLICK HERE

Bishop Barron on Porn and the curse of total sexual freedom — CLICK HERE


Billings Ovulation Method – CLICK HERE



We are Renzo and Maria Perochena and we have been married for 40 years. We believe that receiving the Sacrament of Marriage is the best decision a couple can make. In 2006, we started a new program in Spanish at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Sacramento, California to work with marriages. The program was first intended to evangelize parents who had their children in catechism and secondly to prepare the bride and groom to receive the Sacrament of Marriage.

The Together Forever Marriage Preparation Program was approved by the Diocese of Sacramento to prepare the couples in our parishes. The couples were enriched and strengthened by the courses, for this reason we decided to expand and offer this course in Spanish and English  to couples who could not attend the Marriage Preparation parish  based program, to other Dioceses .

Catholic Marriage Preparation Program Online in Spanish and English.

The Online Marriage Preparation Program: Together Forever in Spanish  and English is based on the four pillars of marriage: Sacrament of Marriage, The Marriage Love, Marriage Communication, and The Sexuality in God’s plan, based in The Theology of he Body of John Paul II. Our program includes readings, audio visuals, worksheets, questionnaires, and sessions with the instructor. In addition, if necessary, the couple can receive the Premarital Inventory and the Introduction to the Natural Family Planning. We ask you to consider our program as a resource for Marriage Preparation Online in Spanish.


Renzo and Maria Perochena